STUDENTS BLOW OFF USG: Voter turnout dropped from 958 to 579

Daniel Stroie, a sophomore, defeated sitting student government rep Thomas Roemer by nine votes to become USG’s next Vice President of Finance, sources said Friday night. TJ Strazzeri, a freshman, defeated Eugene Kim and was elected Vice President of Communications. Of the nine executive board positions, only these two were contested races this year. Fordham Daily endorsed Strazzeri earlier this week. […]


Rose Hill’s USG election opens Wednesday and closes Friday — but almost every race has already been decided. Seven of the nine executive board races are uncontested, and five senate positions remain completely unoccupied. Plus, seven students who could have run for reelection decided not to. (That level of disinterest in student government has not been seen […]

USG ELECTION DISASTER: Posts still vacant day before election

What election?! A day before Rose Hill’s USG voting period is set to begin, five senate positions aren’t simply uncontested — they are completely without candidates, according to data released by USG. Seven of the nine executive board races are uncontested, including executive president and executive vice president. The gaping holes in this year’s election may largely be […]

HEIR APPARENTS: In new low, almost all USG races uncontested

Updated: Sunday, March 29 Everybody wins! As USG gears up for an election to determine next year’s administration, Fordham Daily has learned eight of the nine executive board races were uncontested and one race had no candidates at all as of Thursday night — the deadline for candidacy proposals — signaling a new low for student government […]

IT’S ON US: Rose Hill stands against sexual assault in video

USG’s Sexual Misconduct Task Force released a video Tuesday morning depicting various members of the Rose Hill community speaking out against sexual assault on college campuses, and highlighting support efforts at Fordham. “We in the Fordham community are committed to the idea that one incident, one violation of any individual’s deepest privacy is one too […]

BACK ON ITS GAME! USG acts like student gov during first town hall

Just in time for their private meeting with McShane, USG put its game face on! After shepherding a largely inactive fall semester, student government reps got down to business Monday night during the first of this semester’s promising Center Stage town hall series. The first meeting focused on free speech at Rose Hill. Despite the 58 who said […]

FOUND IN TRANSLATION: USG bridges gap in town hall series

Administrators and average Joes in Loschert have been circling each other like hungry sharks for too long — hopelessly lost in translation, arguing about whether the sky is blue — while USG has sat contentedly in the middle. Part of it is our fault, and part of it is simply the revolving-door structure of higher education. The spice of […]

MAKE THAT 3! USG loses another senator this semester

A third USG senator at Rose Hill has dropped out of the organization this semester, President Nevin Kulangara announced Thursday evening. Kevin Fulmer, a sophomore, has resigned his post as a Gabelli senator due to conflicts with his schedule, Kulangara said. Two other students resigned as USG senators last month due to conflicts with their class […]