‘Excelsior’ campaign ends 5-year run

During Fordham’s 13th annual Founder’s Award Dinner on Monday night, Rev. Joseph M. McShane, S.J., president of the university, joined hundreds of deep-pocketed donors, outfitted in sharp tuxedos and gowns, in a glitzy Manhattan ballroom to celebrate the close of a five–year fundraising blitz that raked in $540 million for the school. (Monday’s dinner alone raised […]

Lesbians Wed in ‘Castle of Love’ on Fordham Rd.

Valentine’s Day on Fordham Rd. was taken to a new height this year. Hours before Rose Hill couples walked arm-in-arm through the dingy front doors of the local White Castle restaurant to claim reservations — in search of perhaps a cheap meal and a quirky memory — a local lesbian couple exchanged vows and was married […]