RAs SPEAK OUT: ResLife has become mismanaged workplace

"I'm not going to comment on that," Director of Residential Life Kim Russell says regarding Fordham Daily's latest article. — Fordham Daily (@FordhamDaily) April 29, 2015 Late one night — as many on campus traveled in packs to nearby bars, reveling in carefree abandon and the fleeting pleasures of alcohol — a first-year resident assistant at Rose Hill was […]

Only 17% of students complete course evaluations: admin

As of this week, only 17% of students at Rose Hill had evaluated their spring courses and professors in a series of school-issued surveys, administrators said. Because of the strikingly low turnout, department heads have encouraged professors to have students complete the surveys during class time, sources said. The deadline to complete the evaluations is […]

SUNNY SKIES in forecast for Spring Weekend 2015: report

Early weather reports indicate this year’s Spring Weekend will be sunny and dry — a welcome change from last year’s soggy conditions. Saturday, April 25 will be 66 degrees and “partly sunny,” according to a report from AccuWeather. Friday, April 24 and Sunday, April 26 will also be sunny. Last year, heavy rains and thunderstorms forced […]

LET THEM IN! Collins will get an elevator by 2019: admin

Following years of fierce student advocacy and stalled developments blamed on budgetary constraints, school officials said Collins Hall — the home to Rose Hill’s theater groups and Philosophy Department, and one of the few spaces on campus inaccessible to those who are handicapped — will finally be getting an elevator. The project will cost about $4 million and […]

SAGE RAGE RETURNS: Group plots to form network of action

After a three-month hiatus, Fordham’s sex crusaders are back on the prowl! Having spent much of the fall semester violating school rules by distributing birth control in secret and tangling with administrators on social media, SAGES plans to meet this week to develop a network of action. “This network is a part of SAGES fight for […]

Most students disagree with school condom policy: poll

Eighty percent of Fordham students surveyed say they are having intercourse, while nearly 70% say they disagree with the university’s current contraceptive policy, according to a new poll released by the sex crusaders behind S.A.G.E.S. — the infamous campus coalition fighting for free condoms on campus.

TOP’s Our Town displays the momentousness of everyday life

Taking a break from Shakespeare, the Theatrical Outreach Program (TOP) presented Thornton Wilder’s Our Town this weekend in Collins Auditorium. Their sterling production proved that life and death in an American small town can have as much dramatic weight as any classic tragedy.

SAGES will go ‘public’ at the end of the month: source

After weeks of breaking school rules by secretly distributing condoms on campus and tangling with administrators on social media, S.A.G.E.S. will publicly name its members at the end of the month, a well-placed source revealed to Fordham Daily on Monday.