Mystery perp burns paper on Lincoln Center bulletin board

Lincoln Center is burning — and Public Safety needs your help! School officials are scrambling to determine who is responsible for burning papers that were found Saturday night tacked to a bulletin board on the 18th floor of McKeon Hall, a dorm on the Lincoln Center campus. A safety supervisor responded to reports of a […]

SNOW STICK! RD fumes after freshmen build ‘phallic symbol’ — and litter dorm with alcohol

Oh, freshmen. Robert Alicea, resident director of Martyrs’ Court LaLande and Goupil, scolded residents in a merciless email Sunday night for using this weekend’s snowfall to craft an “immature phallic symbol” on a nearby lawn — and for not recycling their beer cans. “There were students who banded together to enjoy themselves on our lawn — but instead of building […]

SLIDESHOW: Loyola Hall construction wraps up

Loyola Hall on Fordham’s Rose Hill campus has been under construction for the past few months as workers refurbish the building from a Jesuit residence into a residence hall for freshmen. The building will house the Manresa program beginning this fall.