FACING THE MUSIC: Safety Chief to meet with black alliance group

John Carroll, associate vice president of Public Safety at Fordham, will address students during this week’s ASILI – The Black Student Alliance meeting, the group announced on social media. This special visit comes almost two weeks after Fordham officials described two men, who allegedly assaulted a student in an off-campus apartment, as “male blacks.” The alert was […]

DRUG DEAL GONE BAD: Student beat up by local dealers in dorm

The student who was beat up in an off-campus dorm last week was interacting with local drug dealers at the time of the attack, administration sources told Fordham Daily. “This person appears to have opened themselves and the community to some serious risk,” one source said, who spoke on the condition of anonymity. The attacked student apparently owed […]

PICK BETTER FRIENDS: Safety Chief to students after kid beat up

John Carroll, director of Public Safety, told Fordham Daily students should reevaluate who their friends are after school officials reported that “two male blacks” had assaulted a Rose Hill student, who later described the men as acquaintances, in an off-campus apartment Wednesday. “All of us, including our students, must consider who we have as friends or acquaintances,” […]

SNOW BLOWS: Back to class on Wednesday — 9″ in Bronx

Updated: Tues, Jan. 27 at 2:45 p.m. John Bonazzo contributed reporting. Monday night’s blizzard did not meet the grave, “historic” expectations meteorologists and public officials had set for it — at least, not in New York City. After projections of between two and three feet of snow, 9 inches of snow blanketed the Bronx by […]

Council raises concern over lack of female security hires

The startling gender gap in Fordham security supervisors has some at the university’s Lincoln Center campus concerned over the university’s hiring process. While 43 men are employed as security supervisors by the university, only 8 women hold the same title, according to a report from The Fordham Observer. There are 10 male supervisors that work at Lincoln Center, […]

Despite new threats, Fordham does NOT up security

After new terror threats against New York City came to light last week, Mayor Bill de Blasio and NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton announced the city was taking extra precautions to keep its citizens safe. Hundreds of cops were put on overtime, counter-terrorism cars were deployed to transit hubs and bomb-sniffing dogs were sent to patrol subway […]

UPDATE: Safety chief clarifies statement on new ID readers

Responding to a query by Fordham Daily, John Carroll, director of Fordham’s Public Safety Office, clarified a statement his office made last month and said definitively that the new ID card readers have been installed for use this year at Rose Hill campus entrances,