Rose Hill’s USG election opens Wednesday and closes Friday — but almost every race has already been decided. Seven of the nine executive board races are uncontested, and five senate positions remain completely unoccupied. Plus, seven students who could have run for reelection decided not to. (That level of disinterest in student government has not been seen […]

BACK ON ITS GAME! USG acts like student gov during first town hall

Just in time for their private meeting with McShane, USG put its game face on! After shepherding a largely inactive fall semester, student government reps got down to business Monday night during the first of this semester’s promising Center Stage town hall series. The first meeting focused on free speech at Rose Hill. Despite the 58 who said […]

USG wasted fall by focusing on puppies and water fountains

A flurry of excitement and optimism ushered in Nevin Kulangara and the current USG administration last spring. Student government at Fordham was going to hit the refresh button on its soured image by flexing some muscle and opening otherwise-closed doors on behalf of the student body. (Their job, basically.) USG was going to reclaim its role as a […]

Have a complaint, question for admin? Stand up at SLC

Pissed off about a policy at Fordham? Have a question about the way in which a part of the university functions? Want to learn more about the current issues facing our community? … Just want a free lunch?

Kulangara: ‘Students can have a lot of power’

For the first time since Caitlin Meyer ran the place in 2011-12, there is good reason to be optimistic about Rose Hill’s student government and the work it can do on behalf of the campus community. 

Thank you, NSO leaders

It’s great to be back on campus — finally! I wouldn’t be upset if the whole year was spent catching up with old friends and revisiting the places we vowed last spring we’d never return to. I’m doing what I can to hold onto this high as classes kick back into full swing.

Tino: ‘Was that good enough?’

As he turned away from the podium on the steps of Keating Hall at the end of his 17-minute commencement address last Saturday morning, Tino Martinez looked to Stephen Freedman, Fordham’s provost, and asked, “Was that good enough?”

When a reporter makes a toxic assumption about the Fordham community

It’s easy to jab administrators and student leaders — as I enjoy doing every once in a blue moon — but when the time comes, I think it’s important to be able to lend a hand of support, and show that, in fact, you do bleed Fordham red. While I don’t usually venture into the sometimes perilous terrain of […]