Only 17% of students complete course evaluations: admin

As of this week, only 17% of students at Rose Hill had evaluated their spring courses and professors in a series of school-issued surveys, administrators said.

Because of the strikingly low turnout, department heads have encouraged professors to have students complete the surveys during class time, sources said.

The deadline to complete the evaluations is May 5. They were first distributed earlier this month.

“We ask that you provide a fair and honest assessment of your learning experience in these courses,” academic deans write in an email. “We strongly encourage you to add additional comments where possible.”

“Your feedback is anonymous. Your personal details will not be kept with the data, and you will not be identified in any way.”

The online evaluations are distributed to every student at the end of every semester. The results are compiled and used to market courses, as well as gauge the performance of professors.

Students used to fill out course evaluations on paper. (The turnout was much better.)