FANTASTIC FLAVA: Hip-hop dancers wow at spring showcase

On Sunday night, the Rose Hill Gym dropped that bass.

Fordham Flava, Rose Hill’s resident hip-hop dance group, lit up the gym with their spring showcase “The Dark Side.” The event showed off their fancy footwork, and gave a spotlight to some great guest artists.

The opening dance, “The Dark,” featured acrobatic footwork and a genius mix of hip-hop classics like “Bad Girls” and “Gas Pedal.” This inventive combination of dance and music set the tone for the whole night.

Next up was “The Funk,” a high-energy throwback which seamlessly melded classic hits “Funkytown” and “Lady Marmalade” with the ubiquitous “Uptown Funk.”

“The Party” started after intermission, when the group let loose to energetic tracks like “Anaconda.”

During the final sequence, “The Light,” Flava steamed with charisma as the mix of “Hot In Here” and “Drop It Like It’s Hot” brought an early summer to the Bronx.

Between dances, some of Fordham’s other performers got a chance to shine. A group of Flava alumni performed a cool mashup of the group’s greatest hits.

The Ramblers a capella group paid tribute to the old school and the new school, energetically performing both Tom Petty’s “American Girl” and D’Angelo’s “Me And Those Dreamin’ Eyes of Mine.”

Finally, Dayne Carter, Rose Hill’s resident rapper, brought his electric stage presence to the gym. He pumped the crowd up with his original songs, including “All In” and “Can’t Break Me Down.”

But in the end, Flava took center stage.

Near the end of the show, the four graduating seniors in the group (including president Jason Diaz) were presented with flowers and gifts, and the younger group members thanked them for all they had taught.

Based on the spring showcase, Flava’s underclassmen certainly learned their lessons well. The group’s high energy and boundless spirit will no doubt continue to pump up Rose Hill for years to come.