WACKO EVADES SECURITY: Goes unnoticed in Rose Hill buildings

A man who was not authorized to be on campus evaded Public Safety checkpoints at Rose Hill late Tuesday night, walking into Queen’s Court, a freshman dorm, and Hughes Hall before finally being apprehended by school officials, sources said.

Student witnesses said the man appeared to be homeless. It remains unclear why he was on campus, and how he was able to get past Public Safety.

The man was apprehended inside Hughes Hall just before midnight on Tuesday when at least six campus security guards surrounded the building.

“The security cars were all of a sudden zooming by and totally surrounded Hughes,” an eyewitness told Fordham Daily. “They were all yelling into their walkie talkies, saying, ‘Calm down! He’s on the other side! Go on the other side!'”

“Eventually a man came out with his hands behind his back and was put into one of the security cars,” the source said. “It was crazy.”

Several Fordham administrators have declined to comment on the incident. Students were not warned or notified.