FOOD BOOED — AGAIN! Fordham STILL has poor dining: review

Improved? Yeah, right! 

Despite desperate pleas from administrators for good reviews, Fordham was slotted at No. 7 on The Princeton Review’s 2015 ranking for colleges with the worst food.

Fordham has been trapped on the list since 2012 — when it ranked No. 1.

Following significant developments made to the food service program in 2013, Fordham was bumped to the No. 5 slot and last year it was ranked No. 7, stalling the trend of improvement.

When Fordham signed a 10-year contract with its longtime food service provider Sodexo in June 2013, part of the agreement was that Fordham’s name would be removed from The Princeton Review’s worst food ranking “in the next few years” or the food service provider would face a $3 million penalty.

It is unclear whether Sodexo will be forced to pay up this year.

Administrators are already looking ahead to the 2016 list.

Jeffrey Gray, vice president for student affairs, sent at least one mass email, requesting that students share their “Fordham Pride” by contributing positive food reviews to The Princeton Review’s annual survey in February, which will contribute to the 2016 rankings.

“Your willingness to share your opinions has enabled the University to make many changes in your experiences and for those of future Fordham students,” Gray wrote. “These changes have affected everything from academics to dining.”

He noted that student satisfaction in campus dining had gone up in recent years — but clearly, not quite enough to escape the dreaded list.

Deming Yaun, the Sodexo dining liaison at Fordham, told The Fordham Ram that he isn’t concerned.

He said 1,200 students contributed surveys in a week in February. “We’re expecting good news,” he said.