USG ELECTION DISASTER: Posts still vacant day before election

What election?!

A day before Rose Hill’s USG voting period is set to begin, five senate positions aren’t simply uncontested — they are completely without candidates, according to data released by USG.

Seven of the nine executive board races are uncontested, including executive president and executive vice president.

The gaping holes in this year’s election may largely be credited to USG’s mass exodus of experience — seven students who were eligible to apply for reelection declined to do so, signaling a new low for interest in student government at Rose Hill.

One Gabelli 2017 senate seat, two Rose Hill 2017 senate seats and two Rose Hill 2016 senate seats remain wide open.

Thanks to an uncontested race, Ashley Domagola and Nicholas Sawicki, both juniors, will soon become USG’s next executive president and executive vice president, respectively. (In fairness, even if this race were contested, Fordham Daily would endorse this ticket.)

Competition for USG’s executive ticket seems to flip-flop each year.

Current president Nevin Kulangara defeated his opposition last year. President Aileen Reynolds sailed to an uncontested victory in 2013, and President Stephen Erdman narrowly defeated his opponent in 2012.

USG at Lincoln Center is locked in some tight races, most visibly for executive president.

Students will receive an email Wednesday with a link to a voting ballot via OrgSync. Voting will last from Wednesday until Friday afternoon.