Fordham Daily to partner with Lincoln Center’s Observer

Tyler Martins, FCLC ’15 and editor-in-chief of The Fordham Observer, and Connor Ryan, FCRH ’15 and founder of Fordham Daily, have announced that the two campus news organizations will be joining forces for the remainder of the spring semester.

The partnership, which is effective immediately, will maximize campus readership for both organizations by broadening content distribution channels in print and online.

The Observer and Fordham Daily hope the effort will allow them to continue to share important, compelling stories with the largest number of Fordham students possible — and beyond.

“This is a pivotal time for The Observer,” Martins said. “Fordham Daily has been producing great journalistic content for the past year, and as The Observer is moving more and more into the digital world of journalism, joining forces with Fordham Daily will be beneficial to both news organizations.”

“I’m thrilled about this,” Ryan said. “There’s no doubt that The Observer has been an exemplary force of multimedia storytelling at Fordham for years. Their videos wholly represent the future of journalism on college campuses and beyond. I look forward to working with their team and expanding their audience at Rose Hill.”

A selection of articles from Fordham Daily will be published in future print issues of The Observer, and work from The Observer will be distributed through Fordham Daily’s homepage and well-established social media channels.

Staffs will remain separate.

“I think this partnership is emblematic of an industry-wide shift of smaller news start-ups teaming with legacy outlets to pool resources and maximize audience,” Ryan said. “I hope future journalists at Fordham spend their time creating important work, and not worrying so much about where it gets published. If its good, people will find it.”

The Fordham Observer was founded in 1981 at Lincoln Center, where it has remained the sole award-winning student publication on campus. The Observer place third in the New York Press Association’s Better College Newspaper 2015 content, out of over 150 submissions. Martins has served as editor-in-chief of The Observer this academic year, after having previously served as the Arts & Culture Editor since 2013.

Fordham Daily is an independent campus news blog based primarily at Rose Hill that was founded in February 2014. It will cease publication in May. Ryan previously served as editor-in-chief of The Fordham Ram at Rose Hill from January 2013 to December 2013.