HEIR APPARENTS: In new low, almost all USG races uncontested

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Updated: Sunday, March 29

Everybody wins!

As USG gears up for an election to determine next year’s administration, Fordham Daily has learned eight of the nine executive board races were uncontested and one race had no candidates at all as of Thursday night — the deadline for candidacy proposals — signaling a new low for student government engagement at Rose Hill.

The Vice President of Finance position was the only contested race on the e-board. No students were running for the Vice President of Health & Security position.

In addition, seven of the 18 senate races were either uncontested or did not have candidates, according to data provided by USG. (The openings: Two FCRH ’16, one GSB ’17, three FCRH ’17, one GSB ’18.)

USG extended the deadline for students to submit their candidacies for any of the many uncontested races until Saturday night at 8:15 p.m. in the hopes of attracting more interest.

As of Sunday, every e-board and senate position had at least one candidate, USG said.

Ashley Domagola, currently the vice president of Student Life, and Nicholas Sawicki, currently the vice president of Rose Hill, launched their unchallenged bid Friday morning to become USG’s next executive president and executive vice president, respectively.

Domagola and Sawicki (pictured above) are both juniors are would replace Nevin Kulangara and Sarah Skrobala who currently occupy those roles.

“With our combined experience, we know great things can be accomplished in the year to come,” Domagola said in a statement. “Reflecting on the work begun this year under President Kulangara and VP Skrobala, we recognize and understand the various opportunities, and challenges, that lay before us. We are ready to meet those challenges not only with great optimism, but also with firm resolve and steadfast determination.”

Domagola said she and Sawicki plan to expand USG’s efforts related to the Sexual Misconduct Task Force, the External Committee on International Integration and the Sustainability Committee. In addition, the ticket says it will focus on increasing handicap accessibility on campus and work toward amplifying students’ input among administrators.

“Only through student dialogue and participation can we hope to continue to grow our efforts and foster a better community for everyone here in the Fordham family,” she said.

Aileen Reynolds and Brendan Francolini served as executive president and executive vice president during the 2013-2014 school year after running an uncontested campaign. Kulangara and Skrobala defeated a competing ticket.