796px-Fordham_University_Lincoln_CenterAs Fordham families struggle to pay the yearly $45,000+ tuition bill, school officials announced this year’s “Under the Tent” dance at Lincoln Center has been cancelled — due to lack of funding! 

Dr. Dorothy Wenzel, director of OSL&CD at Lincoln Center, broke the news.

“The only way we could afford this event was to have the tent up through Commencement and share in the cost with all the departments that share in Commencement tent rental,” Wenzel told The Fordham Observer.

The Law School and the Graduate School for Social Services have decided on other venues for Commencement this year, sticking OSL&CD and the Graduate School of Business with the bill, according to The Observer.

The tent would cost between $29,000 and $33,000, the paper reported.

A group of students are working toward planning a different — cheaper — event to mark the end of the year.

“This new group is trying to dream up a new event for the end of the year,” Wenzel told The Observer. “They’re just in the planning stages right now. It’ll be distinct … My understanding is that they’re looking to make it a completely different event.”

Rose Hill’s annual “Under the Tent” dance is still scheduled to happen — for now.