CHIPOTLE MANIA! Restaurant to open steps from campus in April


Hello Chipotle!

Screw Cosí! Another dinner option is moving into town.

Fordham Daily has exclusively learned that Chipotle, the widely popular Mexican restaurant chain known for its gourmet burritos, is expected to open a retail location in Fordham Plaza next month.

The restaurant will sit between Starbucks and Applebee’s — just steps from Rose Hill’s campus.

“We’re not sure yet, but we’re aiming for early to mid April if all goes well,” a company rep told us when asked about the opening.

This reporter had the daunting task of telling students last January that Chipotle would not be moving into the Grille — despite prior suggestions from administrators. 

At the time, reps for Chipotle told Fordham that a location on campus was not appealing “from a business model point of view.”

The company said they were looking to open a restaurant in the area, but off campus to include the business of nearby neighborhoods.