IT’S ON US: Rose Hill stands against sexual assault in video

USG’s Sexual Misconduct Task Force released a video Tuesday morning depicting various members of the Rose Hill community speaking out against sexual assault on college campuses, and highlighting support efforts at Fordham.

“We in the Fordham community are committed to the idea that one incident, one violation of any individual’s deepest privacy is one too many,” various students say in the video.

It lasts about a minute and a half, and brings the task force into wider campus view for the first time since it formed last fall. The video features 28 people — including Dean of Students Christopher Rodgers — from 19 different organizations or departments on campus.

“We wanted to create a video similar to the ‘It’s On Us’ [campaign] released by the White House, but we felt that if we created our own script, it would resonate stronger with our Fordham community,” Sarah Skrobala, vice president of USG, told Fordham Daily in a statement.

She said the task force began writing the script in November, filmed in December and January and spent the past two weeks editing. Sophomore Elisha Simon put the video together.

“We hope that after viewing this video, the Fordham community will have a better understanding of the severity of this issue and become more active in taking a stance against sexual misconduct,” Skrobala said.

Fordham’s Athletic Department released a similar video in November.

The task force is also planning to launch an informational poster campaign and schedule campus workshop events later in the semester.