At Fordham Daily, 1 year later — and the end is in sight

Single Tier Birthday Cake BlueIt’s hard to believe I launched this blog a year ago today. It wasn’t supposed to last this long!

Without a strategy, a staff, money or any expectation of steady readership, I parted ways with The Fordham Ram and dove head-first into establishing Fordham Daily — an alternative campus news outlet for students — the “Page Six of Fordham,” as some have dubbed it.

After working at The Ram for two years, the latter as editor-in-chief, I made the difficult decision to part ways with the paper and begin this new adventure — more as a temporary experiment than a serious effort. The support of friends kept this thing alive, so thanks for that. (Special thanks to John Bonazzo, my partner-in-crime.)

The goal of Fordham Daily has always been to keep students in the loop with real-time campus news and analysis, to tell the stories that students are interested in reading and not necessarily the ones traditional campus media cover. News doesn’t need to be boring to be news — even at Fordham.

We publish 24/7, we ask the tough questions and we sit through the meetings so that you, average student, might have a better understanding of what’s happening on campus. I’m not sure how well we’ve done, but I hope you’ve enjoyed following our coverage. It’s been fun year on my end. (The profile of us from our friends at The Ramtime Times was a new high.)

It’s funny, since my freshman year people have been telling me that Fordham students aren’t interested in campus news — but I’ve never bought it. And if nothing else, this blog is proof that students really do care.

All I can say now is thank you. Since launching this crappy WordPress blog last February, Fordham Daily has been viewed more than 85,000 times (and that number is quickly rising). Considering I thought I’d be lucky if I could get my mom to read it, the success of this project has far exceeded my expectations. Thank you.

But, like all good things, it must come to an end. Fordham Daily will cease publication in May when I graduate and attempt to navigate the news business beyond Rose Hill’s gates. (Hear admin take a deep sigh.) But until then, buckle up! We’ve got plenty more to tell you.

Shout-out to the haters. You rock too.

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