Mystery perp burns paper on Lincoln Center bulletin board

Lincoln Center is burning — and Public Safety needs your help!

School officials are scrambling to determine who is responsible for burning papers that were found Saturday night tacked to a bulletin board on the 18th floor of McKeon Hall, a dorm on the Lincoln Center campus.

A safety supervisor responded to reports of a burning smell on the 18th floor of the building at 9:15 pm on Saturday when the charred pages were discovered, according to a statement sent to students.

John Carroll, director of Public Safety, told Fordham Daily  that the paper was not on fire when it was discovered Saturday night.

He said it was probably burned at a different location and then tacked to the residence hall bulletin board.

Carroll requested that Fordham Daily not publish specific information of the case as the investigation continues. 

Anyone with information regarding the incident is asked to call Lincoln Center’s Public Safety at (212) 636-6076.