Toxic cleanup, sepsis — and Italian cheese — found at Fordham subway

Screen Shot 2015-02-07 at 11.31.11 PMYikes!

As part of a study on subway bacteria, researchers identified 49 unique types of bacteria in the Fordham Rd subway station, which services the B and D lines — and is a busy transit hub for Rose Hill students.

The Weill Cornell Medical Center swabbed the bench and a MetroCard vending machine at the Fordham Rd subway station.

The study, published in the The Wall Street Journal, found that 65 percent of the DNA swabs of the two surfaces had bacteria on them.

Among the bacteria found were species associated with urinary tract infections, sepsis, radiation resistance and Italian cheese — perhaps traveled from the kitchens of Arthur Ave.

The two percent of non-bacterial DNA uncovered was from sources such as insects and green plants.

Thirty-two percent of the DNA swabs had unidentified substances on them.