Malia and Michelle Obama skip Fordham on NYC college tour

Malia Obama skipped right over Fordham’s Manhattan campus as she toured New York City colleges on Friday with the First Lady.

The 16-year-old high school junior was seen with Michelle Obama — and a team of body guards — touring the campuses of New York University and Columbia University.

The two attracted quite a crowd as they took a midday lunch break at Community Food and Juice on Broadway, off 112th St.

When asked whether the First Family had approached Fordham for a tour, a school spokesman, perhaps frustrated by the query, said: “FLOTUS just doesn’t return my calls anymore.”

They had not.

Patricia Peek, director of undergraduate admissions at Fordham, confirmed she had not been in touch with the Obamas.

Dante de Blasio, the high school son of New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, has also passed on Fordham. He was seen touring Columbia with his family last April.