BEER OVER CAREER: 1/3 of employers unimpressed by students

Clean up! Those long nights at Mugz’s may be costing you a job.

More than one-third of employers brought on campus for career fairs this fall reported being unimpressed by Fordham students, a startling survey by Career Services has found.

“When asked about how our students present themselves to employers, only 63.7% of employers responded that they were moderately or extremely impressed by Fordham students — that leaves plenty of room for improvement,” Career Services wrote to the student body in an email late last month.

Skimpy resumes aside, Cassis Sklarz, associated director of Career Services, says the survey may reflect an urgency for students to mend their “first visual impression.”

“That may seem vain, kind of, but it is important, that first impression,” she told The Fordham Ram this week.

When asked the same questions, Fordham students consistently rated themselves higher than prospective employers did, The Ram reported.

For example, 53% of students said they had a good understanding of the companies they approached. But only 42% of employers said the same.

On the same day the survey was made public, Career Services advertised a “Present Yourself” event that covered: “professional dress etiquette for interviews, preparing and presenting your 30-second pitch and proper preparation steps for meeting with an employer.”