USG leaders to dine privately with Fordham president on Feb. 24

Must be nice!

The Rose Hill and Lincoln Center USG executive boards will enjoy a fully catered, cost-free dinner with Rev. Joseph M. McShane, S.J., president of the university, in one of his mahogany dining rooms on Feb. 24, sources tell Fordham Daily.

Nevin Kulangara, USG president at Rose Hill, said the dinner — which happens once a year — is typically “a free-flowing conversation” between students and senior Fordham administrators.

“Personally, I would like to share with Father McShane the initiatives that our members have been working on,” he said. “However, I have not planned any specific talking points.”

Last year's dinner.

Last year’s dinner.

This reporter wrote an article for The Fordham Ram in which a student present at last year’s dinner revealed that the event’s conversation was entirely personal — and not about student government efforts at all.

(The article has since been removed from The Ram’s website, and this reporter no longer works for the newspaper.)

“[The dinner] was totally social,” the student said. “McShane makes sure to keep it that way.”

When asked for comment last January, Fr. McShane said in a statement: “I always look forward to thanking the student leaders for all they do for Fordham. Gratitude is a large part of my life, and expressions of gratitude a large part of my ministry.”

At the time, Bob Howe, a school spokesman, said Fr. McShane enjoys interacting with students — even if it means avoiding shoptalk. 

“Father McShane thinks it’s valuable to know what students think and feel, and not just regarding Fordham,” he said.