USG moves to boost contact with student body, elects new senators

Citing this week’s editorial in The Fordham Ram, Nevin Kulangara, president of USG, announced plans on Thursday to improve channels of communication between Fordham’s student government and the student body this semester.

He said USG plans to host a town hall meeting next month, during which Rose Hill students will have a chance to express their campus concerns directly to student government representatives. He specifically cited questions surrounding Fordham’s community board posting policies and the club approval process.

“This is an opportunity for us to hear from students,” Kulangara said to the USG organization during Thursday’s meeting.

He also said USG plans to assign students with specific concerns to a senator or executive board member. “If [students] can work with a senator or executive board member, then we can hope to foster change,” he said.

USG will work to relaunch its “Weekly Update Dashboard,” which is a function of its website that will provide the community with weekly updates of USG’s progress.

Stanley Stillwell, GSB ’15, and Alex Zamora, GSB ’18, were elected as senators to replace Cara Jacaruso and Christine Phelan.