Council raises concern over lack of female security hires

The startling gender gap in Fordham security supervisors has some at the university’s Lincoln Center campus concerned over the university’s hiring process.

While 43 men are employed as security supervisors by the university, only 8 women hold the same title, according to a report from The Fordham Observer. There are 10 male supervisors that work at Lincoln Center, and no women.

John Carroll, director of public safety, fired back at claims that he has intentionally built a gender gap within the department.

“I am trying to hire the best and brightest, but the same set of criteria is [used] for either women or men,” Carroll told The Observer. “It’s not from a lack of effort. Anyone who says that does not have a clue of what they are talking about.”

He rationalized the discrepancy by saying Fordham only hires security supervisors who have previously held ranking positions within law enforcement agencies.

“I have struggled for 10 years now to get [more] females in my ranks,” Carroll told The Observer. “The problem is women are like a treasure. They are very difficult to find because a lot of times when they retire they don’t take second jobs, whereas a lot of guys do.”

The subject was addressed during Lincoln Center’s College Council meeting on Nov. 13. Student leaders at Rose Hill have not publicly addressed this matter.