Fordham athletes speak out against sex assault on campus

Fordham’s Athletic Department took a strong stand against sexual assault on campus by posting a video on YouTube this week, condemning the national problem and encouraging students to help prevent future offenses at Rose Hill.

In the spirit of other public service announcements, the short video is composed of quick cuts of student-athletes, coaches — even David Roach, the university’s athletics director. Every sport from football to softball to volleyball is represented. 

The message of the video is in large part a reiteration of the “It’s On Us” campaign, which was launched by the White House this fall to combat sexual assault on college campuses across the country.

“It’s on us,” says a student in a soccer sweatshirt.

“To create relationships and a community of respect, to make us proud to be Fordham Rams,” says Roach.

The national dialogue surrounding this issue has been heightened for months. Last spring, 55 colleges and universities were named in a federal inquiry into the handling of sexual assault cases.

Fordham was not included on that list. Although, The Fordham Ram revealed last spring that the university had more reports of on-campus sexual assault in two years than any other Jesuit school in the country.

The video was made by the Student-Athlete Advisory Council, and as of Friday night the university was not promoting the video.