Most students disagree with school condom policy: poll

Eighty percent of Fordham students surveyed say they are having intercourse, while nearly 70% say they disagree with the university’s current contraceptive policy, according to a new poll released by the sex crusaders behind S.A.G.E.S. — the infamous campus coalition fighting for free condoms on campus.

While Fordham does not ban the use of birth control, the student handbook prohibits students from distributing contraceptives on campus. Administrators have said the policy follows the Church’s teachings on the subject — and other Jesuit colleges share similar restrictions.

Of the students who are having sex, about 97% say they use condoms, according to the poll. And of the students who identify as Catholic, 74% say they disagree with Fordham’s condom policy.

S.A.G.E.S. say at least 900 students have signed a petition declaring there should be free birth control and more sexual health services available to students on campus. The petition is directed at Rev. Joseph M. McShane, S.J., the university’s president, and the Board of Trustees. It is unclear if the president is aware of the petition.

Christopher Rodgers, dean of students at Rose Hill, publicly spoke out against S.A.G.E.S. after the coalition began secretly distributing condoms on campus, beginning in September.