Despite new threats, Fordham does NOT up security

After new terror threats against New York City came to light last week, Mayor Bill de Blasio and NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton announced the city was taking extra precautions to keep its citizens safe. Hundreds of cops were put on overtime, counter-terrorism cars were deployed to transit hubs and bomb-sniffing dogs were sent to patrol subway stations.

“Terrorists want us to live in fear,” de Blasio said. “We refuse to live in fear.”

But Fordham’s Public Safety — charged with protecting Fordham’s campus in Manhattan and the Bronx — isn’t ringing any bells yet.

In fact, John Carroll, director of security at Fordham, did not indicate any extra measures were currently being taken to heighten security.

“Fordham Public Safety confers continually with the NYPD,” he told Fordham Daily. “If the NYPD Commanders believe there is a realistic credible threat, Fordham Public Safety will take all appropriate actions needed to effectively ensure maximum safety and security for our students, faculty and staff.”

He added: “Currently, our community should continue to study, work and move forward in their daily pursuits.”

A Canadian member of the barbaric Islamic State organization said in an interview with Vice News last week that a terror attack in New York was imminent.

“God willing, we will make some attacks in New York soon,” he said. “A lot of brothers are mobilizing there now.”

Days later, Haider al-Abadi, Iraq’s new prime minister, caught the eyes of New Yorkers on Thursday when he declared that the Islamic State was planning to attack subways in the United States and Paris, according to plans his government had discovered.

In general, Carroll said the old adage “If you see something, say something” remains the best way to ensure campus stays safe.

At Rose Hill, call (718) 817-2222; at Lincoln Center, call (212) 636-6076 and ask for the duty supervisor.

Call “with any concern,” he said.