FUEMS will not charge to transport drunks: director

It would appear FUEMS has come down with a case of miscommunication.

Despite rumors that surfaced at last week’s USG meeting, Fordham’s student-run emergency medical service will not start charging intoxicated students to be transported to the hospital, Kathleen Malara, executive director of Health Services, told Fordham Daily.

“We have talked about ways to increase revenue,” Malara said. “But, [charging students] is on hold right now. We really don’t want to put obstacles up for students to call for an ambulance.”

She also contended USG’s claim that FUEMS charged the student organizations hosting Club Lib for medical service. (Two intoxicated students were transported to the hospital from the event.)

Discussion about charging over-served students $50 per hospital visit as a way to off-set rising supply costs started after junior Christopher Valenza took over as the organization’s director at the start of the year.

“In theory, should [intoxicated students] be charged? I think so,” Malara said. “We have to maintain the ambulances.”

FUEMS normally charges students $50 for hospital transports, but that has excluded cases of intoxication, sexual assault and mental or emotional health.

When pressed on the state of the organization’s finances, Malara said she is in favor of exploring ways to increase revenue, but said the budget is in such  a state that does not require immediate action.

She added: “In the past, [the university] has always been very generous with what we need.”

(Patrick Doherty)

(Patrick Doherty)