Anonymous coalition supplies birth control at Prez Ball

photo-2Students reported finding condoms in the restroom of the men’s locker room Friday night during Fordham’s annual President’s Ball dance.

Taped to the wrapped condoms were small slips of paper that read in bold letters: “Students Deserve Safety.”

An apparently anonymous coalition named Fordham Sages — Students for Sex & Gender Equality and Safety — appears to be responsible for the distribution.

Also written on the paper tapped to condoms: “9.5 million adolescents and young adults (ages 15-24) are diagnosed with STDs every year. 85-95% of sexually active young women who don’t use contraceptives become pregnant within one year of initiating intercourse.”

The details of the coalition and its mission remain unclear. The group, however, has established a relatively new online presence on Twitter and Tumblr.