Student leaders bash bookstore’s ‘insensitive’ 9/11 sale

photoUSG members at Rose Hill have spoken out against the campus bookstore’s decision to hold a one-day clearance sale on Thursday, Sept. 11 — a day of special remembrance for many on campus.

The subject line of an email from the bookstore to the student body read: “Get 50% off Tech Clearance Items 9/11 Only!”

“As an American and as a human being, I am personally offended, as were many of my constituents, by the Fordham bookstore’s use of this solemn day for promotional purposes,” USG member Thomas Roemer said to Fordham Daily

“If the book store needed to clear out their stock, they could have easily done their sale on the 12th, or a day later, to avoid being insensitive to the memories of so many people,” Roemer, a junior, added.

It is unclear whether the bookstore was aware of the possible implications a clearance sale on 9/11 could have.