Club Lib attendance saw ‘significant drop,’ 2 students transported for intox

Despite a glowing front-page article in The Fordham Ram this week, attendance at last Friday’s Club Lib dance dropped significantly compared to last year, USG reported Thursday.

1,156 students attended the outdoor dance. More than 2,000 students attend the event last year.

“It’s a significant drop from last year,” Nevin Kulangara, USG’s president, said during USG’s weekly meeting. “When we have a drop like that, we have to look and see what we can do better.”

Kulangara said that while the event’s execution ran smoothly — clean-up only took about 30 minutes, he said — marketing could have been improved. (The Facebook event had only invited 899 students, and of those about 200 said they would attend.)

He added that USG was forced to go over budget for the event as Fordham Dining had declined to donate food and drinks — like they have done in the past.

Two students were transported for intoxication from the event.