Thank you, NSO leaders

Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 11.45.39 PMIt’s great to be back on campus — finally! I wouldn’t be upset if the whole year was spent catching up with old friends and revisiting the places we vowed last spring we’d never return to. I’m doing what I can to hold onto this high as classes kick back into full swing.

As I snaked my way around the perimeter of Eddie’s on Wednesday afternoon, I was encouraged to see the place so crowded, so energized. It’s great to have the Class of 2018 on campus — all 2,246 of them (1,678 at Rose Hill and 568 at Lincoln Center, according to published statistics).

[Side note: This year’s class of freshmen hails from 43 states, and 171 students are from outside the US — a 26% increase from last year.]

While a lot of attention has rightfully been placed on the shoulders of freshmen this week, the campus community should take a minute to recognize the selfless efforts of New Student Orientation leaders, as well.

970380_10203115270419631_2557529198233469794_nThe transition from high school to college is messy and complicated, even at Fordham. But I think the kids who volunteer their time (days) and energy (colorful voltage power) to make that transition just a little easier set the kind of “men and women for others” example we should all strive to follow throughout the year.

The “Free Hugs” campaign was great — and I would bet, pretty meaningful to the freshmen. (They’d never admit it.)

Most, I know, don’t do it for the thanks, but let’s give it to them anyway. 

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