Really Fordham? Family Weekend slated for ‘Halloweekend’ — and students are mad

"Halloweekend" last year. (@FU_Makeouts)

“Halloweekend” last year. (@FU_Makeouts)

Better not make plans to go trick-or-treating around the Bronx this year — Mom and Dad are coming to town.

This year’s annual Family Weekend at Rose Hill is scheduled to begin Friday, Oct. 31 and end Sunday, Nov. 2 — a historically festive time, known around campus as “Halloweekend,” during which many students parade around local bars in costume.

Since the fall semester’s schedule was posted, students have already taken to Twitter to express frustration, and some defiance, about having to keep it clean during what is usually a family-free weekend of low-cut costumes and free-flowing drinks.

“Fordham putting Parents Weekend on Halloweekend makes me want to take St. Ignatius’ advice and set the world on fire,” @_shananan posted.

“Sorry Fordham, but planning Family Weekend during Halloweekend doesn’t mean the festivities won’t happen,” @Mfrancis1109 wrote. “#NiceTry,” she added.

Bob Howe, a university spokesman, told Fordham Daily that Family Weekend is scheduled “at a time considered optimal for our students and their parents.” He added that the weekend always falls between the fourth and eighth week of the semester.

“The scheduling of Family Weekend has to be coordinated around several variables, including but not limited to the football schedule of home games, and other university events,” he said via email.

The football team will take on Colgate.