New York Times: Cuomo should treat Teachout like a serious candidate

Despite challenges from Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s campaign, a Brooklyn judge ruled Monday that Zephyr Teachout is an eligible candidate for governor of New York. Her name will be included on the Sept. 9 Democratic primary ballot, though Cuomo’s aides have promised they would appeal the court’s ruling.

Teachout has asked Cuomo for a debate, though his aides have said a debate before Sept. 9 would be unlikely. 

The New York Times published an editorial Monday, coming to Teachout’s defense and urging Cuomo to treat Teachout like a serious candidate and participate in debates before Sept. 9.

“Although Mr. Cuomo is leagues ahead in the polls and has a $32.5 million bankroll, he should not dismiss Ms. Teachout and her growing number of followers as irritants,” The Times writes. “Her criticisms are mostly legitimate, and he should defend his first term in a series of robust debates with her in the weeks before the primary, rather than through the timidity of litigation.”

Fordham students have gathered online in recent weeks to encourage the candidates to debate on campus.