New York Times review: Bronx Beer Hall ‘makes itself difficult to love’

flight-of-beersSince its doors opened last year in the Arthur Avenue Retail Market, the Bronx Beer Hall has earned a regular slot on the weekend rotation of many Fordham students. Started by two brothers, hoping to infuse the neighborhood with a charge of young energy, the pub is reasonably priced, the decor is hipster chic — mason jars and wood paneling abound — and the staff rarely asks for identification, students have said.

This week, a review in The New York Times made clear: It’s a great place to go for cider, but the food is mostly best left untouched — “confusingly awful” is the way reviewer Jeff Gordinier put it.

“I still happen to think it’s a lovely place to hang out, and with a few radical menu changes, it could become the drinking-and-noshing destination that it’s supposed to be,” he said.

Gordinier recommends the beer and cider. If you’re going to get food, Gordinier says to stick with: Grandma Greco’s Special Wings, lizard chips, sweet potato fries and sandwiches from the nearby Mike’s Deli.

In general, the Times review rehashes what students already know: The Bronx Beer Hall is not the place go during Parents’ Weekend, but it’s a perfectly suitable spot to hang out on Friday night. Could you imagine ordering a meal at Mugz’s? [Full menu and other info]