Teachout scores high praise from students

Teachout was born a teacher, her students say. But will New York voters be as charmed?

Zephyr Teachout, the liberal Fordham law professor who hopes to challenge New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s re-election bid, is well-liked in the classroom, according to an analysis of RateMyProfessor.com.

Four of the five reviews posted for Teachout — ranging from 2010 to 2014 — are positive.

“Professor Teachout is a fantastic teacher,” read one review from January of this year. The student apparently had Teachout for a property law class. “I had absolutely no interest in property but it was hands down my favorite class. She cares a lot about policy and will push you to understand the pros and cons of a rule.”

“Professor Teachout was super clear and made sure everyone in the class understood everything,” read another review from 2012. “And funny! Our section misses her.”

Another post from 2012 touted Teachout as highly knowledgeable and dedicated to students. “She made material relevant to modern developments in property law and gave us opportunities to practice lawyering in class.”

The one negative review was written in 2010 and the comment is convoluted, saying: “Did not know the subject.”

Aside from her work at Fordham, Teachout has worked as a visiting assistant professor of law at Duke University and a lecturer at the University of Vermont.

Teachout recently told The New York Post that she has “more than enough” signatures to run against Cuomo in the September Democratic primary. She must have 15,000 valid signatures by Thursday in order to get on the ballot. Teachout has said she already has 27,000 — and hopes to get to 45,000 by Thursday.

Fordham officials say Teachout is scheduled to teach this fall. She has not returned requests for comment from Fordham Daily.