Free Food! Where?

@FUFreeFood — the latest, and perhaps most pragmatic, Fordham-themed social media account to pop up on timelines this year — launched two days ago at Rose Hill with a simple goal: to inform students of where they can eat (and drink!) for free.

The founders of the account — who would like to remain anonymous, as one explained: “We like to pretend we’re the Gossip Girl of food” — say their effort is two-fold: 

  • One, to help boost attendance at on-campus and local events and programs that entice students by offering free sandwiches (of which there are many throughout the year).
  • Two, to help guide hungry, cash-strapped students toward those sandwiches.

“We know the struggles of being a student who wants to know where the good food is, and [we know the struggles] of a programming body who struggled to get the publicity it needs,” @FUFreeFood said.

“We hope to make it an account that students can promote their events while also a resource for students to gain access to things they actually care about,” they added.