New York Times: Rose Hill Gym ‘Has History if Not Allure’

Rose Hill’s Gym was the subject of a 950-word article in The New York Times on Tuesday. The crux of the article, which included several photos, seemed to suggest that it was the seemingly tired character of the gym that stood in between Fordham’s basketball program and W’s.

A spokesman for Fordham declined to comment on the article.

The article begins:

“Among a growing crop of slick new basketball arenas, Fordham’s 89-year-old Rose Hill Gym is a venerable throwback, one of the few still in use that were built during the lifetime of basketball’s inventor, James Naismith. Its walls, made of sturdy bricks of Manhattan schist, seem destined to withstand all challengers.

All challengers except, perhaps, Fordham fans, some of whom grumble that Rose Hill, for all its charms, is one reason the men’s basketball team has had trouble attracting talent lately.”