Reading Days Scrubbed to Make Up Snow Days

In an effort to make up the four class days lost to snow this semester, May 2 and May 5 — originally set as reading days — have been made into regular class days, admin announced Wednesday morning. May 6, originally set as an exam day, will also be made into a regular class day.

May 2 will follow a Wednesday schedule; May 5 will follow a Monday schedule; May 6 will follow a Thursday schedule. The exams that had been scheduled on the 6th will be tacked on to other exam days — meaning students could have up to three exams in one day.

“We regret the inconvenience that this adjustment will cause and we very much appreciate the flexibility of our faculty and students as they work together to complete the semester,” Stephen Freedman, Fordham’s provost, said in a statement. “Losing the reading days is unfortunate, but the Office of the Provost and the deans determined this to be the best possible solution, minimizing disruption and hardship for the greatest number of students while ensuring that lost class time could be reinstated without extending the exam period or shortening holiday breaks.”

An updated exam schedule will be posted to Fordham’s main website.