Lesbians Wed in ‘Castle of Love’ on Fordham Rd.

A lesbian couple was married inside White Castle. (Twitter)

A lesbian couple was married inside White Castle. (Twitter)

Valentine’s Day on Fordham Rd. was taken to a new height this year.

Hours before Rose Hill couples walked arm-in-arm through the dingy front doors of the local White Castle restaurant to claim reservations — in search of perhaps a cheap meal and a quirky memory — a local lesbian couple exchanged vows and was married in the middle of the fast-food restaurant, amid bouquets of flowers, white tablecloths and greasy burgers.

The wedding was organized by Z100 — a popular radio station in New York — and the ceremony was officiated by “Greg T,” a radio personality on the station’s morning show. The women married, Bianca and Danielle, were said to be avid listeners of the radio station.

“We’re changing lives today,” White Castle said via Twitter on Friday. “Nothing is more romantic than getting married in a Castle!”

“The castle of love was in full effect,” the restaurant chain said soon after the couple was married.

Alongside steady social media coverage, the wedding caught the attention of ABC 7 and CNN.