Thanks to Donor, Fordham Plans Annual LGBTQ Retreat

Thanks to the generous donation of an unnamed Fordham alum, the Campus Ministry department is set to host its first annual retreat that’s specifically tailored for the LGBTQ members of our community.

The PRISM Retreat, which will run from Feb. 28 to March 2 at Fordham’s McGrath House of Prayer in Goshen, NY, is different from other school retreats for two big reasons: despite a small deposit, the retreat is free for students and it has greater level of participation from students at Lincoln Center than most other retreats.

“That’s the direction we want to move toward,” said Mike Prescia, FCRH ’14, who is one of the retreat’s four student leaders. “It’s a direction that’s more friendly to both campuses.” He noted that this retreat will begin later than most others in an effort to accommodate the scattered schedules of students at Lincoln Center.

“This is a population that hasn’t really had their fair chance,” he said, noting that CM regularly hosts men’s and women’s retreats. “To have a retreat that’s specifically geared for LGBTQ is really important because it makes everyone feel comfortable.”

Without getting into specifics, Prescia said the retreat would be centered on group discussions and community-building activities, but it would mostly be a time for students to self-reflect on their identities and places in the world.

“I really hope we do have a strong community and become friends after the retreat,” he said. “I hope retreatants can bring back what they’ve reflected on, and bring back what they did on the retreat and apply it to their everyday lives.”

Above all, Prescia says respecting the privacy of students on the retreat will be important. “[Students] privacy is our number-one concern,” he said. “Like any retreat, you don’t have to answer questions or do anything you don’t feel comfortable with.”

There’s still time to register. [Check it out here]