Snow and Ice Pack Sidewalks Around Rose Hill

Snow and ice have packed Bronx sidewalks. (Flickr)

Snow and ice have packed Bronx sidewalks. (Flickr)

Slipping a little easier on the way back from Tinker’s these days?  It’s not just you, heaps of snow and thick layers of ice have coated Bronx sidewalks, making it difficult for residents of the borough to get around. And with more snow and freezing temperatures in the forecast, it could only get worse.

“This winter, a heavily trafficked pedestrian overpass along the Grand Concourse, stretching over the Cross Bronx Expressway, has become a test of agility and plain luck for those who have to traverse it — sometimes two or three times a day — after being covered with a thick layer of hard-packed snow and ice,” reports The New York Times.

The article is a good read for anyone who’s ventured beyond Rose Hill’s gates recently to, um, study.