Campus Political Review Prints Inaugural Issue

Fordham Political Review is in print today. (Courtesy of FPR)

Fordham Political Review is in print Wednesday. (Courtesy of FPR)

Fordham’s Political Review — a student-written collection of research-based reports and opinion essays about a wide array of national and international affairs — has lived on the web since its inception in 2010 — until now. Beginning Wednesday, the review’s first print publication, featuring the best of its online offerings, is available in various classroom buildings at Rose Hill.

“Fordham is a very politically aware campus, and we have some of the most politically active and aware students on campus writing for us,” said Benjamin Shull, FCRH ’16, the review’s treasurer and congressional affairs columnist. “We provide a publication that is intellectually stimulating and informative, in seeking to foster awareness of political happenings on campus.”

It is unclear how many issues the review printed, but Shull said that information will eventually be made public. Going forward, the review plans to produce a print magazine once every semester.

When it comes down to it, Shull says the review strives to provide an expressive forum for campus politicos and others interested in current affairs. “We provide a format in which such politically informed individuals can voice their opinions in seeking to influence the political consciousness of Fordham,” he said.