Student Leaders Plot Events to Highlight Sex Assault on Campus

Hours after a report from The Fordham Ram was published (“Fordham Led Jesuit Schools in On-Campus Sex Offense Claims, Federal Data Reveals” — yes, I wrote it), student leaders at Rose Hill announced plans to host events that would investigate and highlight the culture of sexual assault at Fordham.

“I can confirm that we have in fact had discussions regarding our intentions to collaboratively develop and sponsor two events this semester focusing on sexual assault on campus and consent culture,” said David Schwartz, GSB ’14, president of Fordham Peer Educators.

The events will be part of Coalition for Change — an effort that was started last semester to highlight the dangers of off-campus drinking. Schwartz was largely responsible for the coalition’s formation, and he says that despite the group’s added focus on sexual assault, the mission “Book Smart, Street Smart, Party Smart” remains the mantle upon which the coalition moves.

Specifics about the events were not immediately made available.

Aileen Reynolds, FCRH ’14, executive president of USG at Rose Hill, took time during last week’s student government meeting to explain that the coalition was planning two events about sexual assault.

Schwartz says the article in The Ram did not spark the group’s focus on the issue — the timing seemed only coincidence.

“This is an issue that we wanted to pursue, but didn’t want to do so hastily,” Schwartz said. “Fittingly, the Coalition held a meeting on Wednesday to discuss the matter, the same day that [The Ram‘s] article was released.”

The coalition will join forces with Women’s Empowerment in planning the events.